Sun Dried Kashmiri Black Raisins 400g
 .100% Vegetarian Product
₹599.00 ₹349.00
Dried Kashmiri Apricots Seedless
100% Vegetarian Product and Organic. Dried apricots are one of the best refreshing snakes you could have in the free time
₹499.00 from ₹249.00
Organic Kashmiri Almonds Hard shell 400g
hardshell almonds are rich in taste but with a hard shell
₹349.00 ₹249.00
Premium Naturally Dried Cherry Dry Fruit 400g
Cherries are High in Antioxidants Cherries are Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Relieving Cherries are a Sleep Aid Cherries Contain Essential Nutrients Cherries May Lower Cholesterol
₹899.00 ₹589.00
Organic Kashmiri Blackberry dry Fruits Zeerish 400g
Blackberry is a very nutritious and healthy fruit
₹499.00 ₹399.00
Dried Kashmiri Organic Berry Mix 400g
berry mix from Kashmir includes the delicious berries
₹799.00 ₹579.00
Organic Apricot dry fruits (Khumani , Khurbani ) Red color 400g
Fruit products are procured directly from growers and are processed and packed in our hygienic processing plant to retain their natural freshness, aroma, and the original nutrients
₹399.00 ₹269.00
Organic Kashmiri Walnut without shell kernels brown 400g
kashmiri walnut kernel brown in colour at best prices
₹799.00 ₹549.00
Premium Dates Dry Fruit 400g
Dates are rich source of Calcium and Dietry Fibers
₹479.00 ₹279.00
Premium Sun Dried Kashmiri Walnut half white 400g
Walnuts are famous all over world , kashmiri walnuts are rich in colour and taste
₹899.00 ₹549.00
Premium Kashmiri Dry fruit mix 400g
Dry fruit mix is mixture of the best and handpicked dryfruits from kashmir, they are rich in taste
₹699.00 ₹499.00
Premium Organic Kashmiri pine nuts Kernel (chilgoza) 100g
Kashmiri pine nuts are the delicious aroma , they are a very healthy snacks
₹899.00 ₹699.00
Premium Organic Cashews 250g
Cashews are very healthy and tasty
₹599.00 ₹479.00
Premium organic Dried Kiwi 400g
Dried kiwi are healthy for health
₹699.00 ₹549.00
Kashmiri Roasted & Salted Pistachios
Kashmiri roasted and salted pistachios are rich in taste and healthy
Kashmiri Soft Shell Walnut One Tree
Kashmir is famous all over the world for its dry fruits especially walnuts, soft shell walnuts are having a verys soft and delicate shell over them
₹845.00 ₹699.00
Kashmiri Snow White Walnut kernel
Kashmiri walnuts are famous for their taste.
₹1,899.00 ₹1,499.00
Premium Kashmiri Mamra Badam
Kashmiri Mamra Badam (Almonds) is the Star of the Nut Family. They are classified in their Country of Origin, Size, and Colour. Kashmir Produces the Best Of Almonds with a lot of Omega Fatty 3 Acids, Which not only Makes...
₹999.00 from ₹749.00
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